Ai Weiwei Exhibition

‘Liberty is our right to question everything.’

Ai Weiwei Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts
Ai Weiwei Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, Piccadilly Circus

As soon as I had seen adverts on the tube for this exhibition I knew I wanted to get myself down to the Royal Academy of Art to check out Ai Weiwei’s evocative and politically charged work.

Ai Weiwei is an artist in which he infuses his Chinese identity through his choice of materials and has political undertones condemning the Chinese government’s suppression of human rights and free speech.  This really is a must see, to see how this creative genius speaks out against the government through art.

It’s on until 13th Dec with some late night tickets in the evenings so check it out quickly! And now for some of my favourite pieces and visuals……..

‘Trees’- as you enter the courtyard of the Royal Academy of Arts

Photo 04-12-2015, 23 25 25

Photo 04-12-2015, 20 53 34

A Chandelier made out of Bicycles – so beautiful.  Many Chinese citizens get around on bicycles hence Weiwei’s use of them in this piece.

Photo 04-12-2015, 20 53 35
Ai Weiwei, Bicycle Chandelier, 2015

Photo 10-12-2015, 00 40 43

‘Fragments’ – there were so many pieces to choose from that spoke about China and its treatment of its people.  This sculpture, made of items of furniture salvaged from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, when viewed from above is the map of China. The little boy in his red jacket travels across ‘the borders and country of China’ freely looking in awe in a way that many Chinese citizens cannot.  Capturing this shot was such a bonus for me as you got to see in action what Weiwei was trying to convey in this piece.  I was acutely aware of the generational impact the government’s actions could have on China’s future.

Photo 04-12-2015, 23 24 43
Fragments – Ai Weiwei

I hope you can catch the exhibition before it closes!

Some photo credits and edits go to my good friend Emily who I had the pleasure to enjoy it with.

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