The Street Art of Cable Street

Cable Street is a street in my beloved London not overly known to the massives. It is not your busy Oxford Street, funky Brick Lane or your beautiful Primrose Hill and yet on this street as well as being home to a large stretch of the Cycle Super Highway it also harbours some very cool street art by the French artist Clet Abraham.  Blink and you could totally miss it as it is incorporated (albeit illegally) into our everyday street signs.

Back in May  I went on a street art tour with Alternative London and it has made me more aware and attuned to the hidden art in London town.  So when a friend and I decided to not waste the sun and go cycling along the Cycle Super Highway, imagine our delight the street art road signs we spotted along our route.

Also on Cable Street is the large wall mural entitled ‘The Battle of Cable Street Mural’ painted on the west wall of St. George’s Town Hall.  It was painted to commemorate those who rose up to stop a march by the British Union of Facists.  It was a significant historical event of East London as the action taken by the people ensured that the march could not continue and pass through.

All in all a lovely day was had on Cable Street I learnt new things through art and found funny things through art! Clet Abraham is totally humorous in his art and I am indeed a fan!  I look forward to spotting his work abroad too!

I would encourage ya to take a cycle down Cable Street.  Let me know if I missed out any street art signs!

File 07-08-2016, 20 37 46

See you all in September x

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