A Landscape of Welsh Beauty: Snowdonia

I cannot remember the precise moment that I added Snowdonia to my Wanderlist but I was so super pleased that this year I got to tick off not just one (Brazil see previous post) but two places!

So it all began as all epic trips do with a ROADTRIP from London town to Snowdonia, Wales.  A road trip is certainly not tedious when you are travelling with friends that share your sense of adventure so the 5 hours of driving and taking in the Welsh sights on the way was so worth it to get to Snowdonia.

I could have looked upon these views all day! Yet we were not at our destination yet!


A mother’s meeting of sheep!

Our stop was totally by accident as we ended up going down a road that was closed and upon detouring I spotted this old heritage railway station and like all adventurous beings I stopped the car to have a gander.

The next day I awoke really early to witness my first ever sunrise and what a better place than over Snowdonia.  I must confess, although a lover of sunsets watching the sunrise is pretty glorious and peaceful as no sound could be heard.


At peace looking at the sunrise over Snowdonia

The rest of the day was to be spent conquering Mount Cnicht which has been nicknamed the ‘Matterhorn of Wales.’  We arrived at the village of Croesor which is at the foot of the mountain to begin our ascent.

The scenery enroute up and at the summit was truly breathtaking and I felt invigorated in the Welsh air.  The beauty held in this part of the UK is something to be proud of; so luscious, green and magnificent.




Snowdonia I will certainly be back to see more of your beauty and to conquer the summit of Snowdon.  Thank you for showing me your beauty, you were superb!

p.s. My blog is officially one year old woop woop! Thanks for all those who have read and delighted in my wandering tales!x

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