Video Diaries: The Streets of Salvador

It’s been a whole year since I was last in Brazil and I spentย last month reminiscing and wishing I was back in that special place, enjoying the sun and vibrancy of that beautiful land.


I thought to help with my sadness I would take you back to the lively streets of Salvador where every day we encountered music being played within the old colonial landscape of Pelourinho.

The beautiful centre at night in its colonial glory

At first I thought this was due to it being the Rio Olympics and Salvador was a host city to the football but then when I bumped into the native Salvador gal Maga at Afropunk she confirmed that is how Salvador always is! So enjoy the music and fun below as I did!

In this video we were treated to this gorgeous salsa musical affair as we ate dinner and to top it off this little man without a care in the world enjoyed the music too. I love watching people who love to dance, their joy is insatiable.



This troupe of kids were playing in honour of the Olympics. Watch for the kid throwing his drumsticks at the back!




We stumbled on this truly professional troupe down one of the side streets from the square; watch for the enthusiastic guy in the red cap.



He was so enthusiastic that I had to get a close up of his bum wiggle. He was so entertaining!




GIRL POWER! In the words of the Spice Girls. I loved seeing this all female samba band playing fiercely on the streets of Salvador.



Hope this inspires you to pay a visit to this Afro-Brazilian gem of a place.



Music ‘n’ Love

The Five to Nine Traveller xx

27 thoughts on “Video Diaries: The Streets of Salvador

  1. I miss Brazil. Would like to check out this part of Brazil next time I go. The troupes drumming and playing the trumpets in the streets with colorful buildings immediately reminded me of New Orleans, Louisiana. That’s the #1 thing I liked about New Orleans. So fun and entertaining to watch!


  2. OMG I love this so much! I really wanted to visit Brazil in December, but tickets are outrageous right now. But thank you for virtually transporting me there with your amazing videos!

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  3. I keep hearing Salvador is amazing…thinking about going next year. All the music in the streets, definitely seems like my kind of place. I love the energy that goes along with it.


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