Evoking Memories through Travel Photos

We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone

So I recently entered a travel competition, made the top ten but sadly I did not win the final stage for an epic trip hiking the Inca Trail )o: However I did win over £250 worth of hiking and adventure gear from Mountain Warehouse as a runner up! So thank you to all those who voted for me it is so appreciated!

Stage two of the competition involved putting together a video highlighting my adventurous spirit and personality and one thing I like to whip together is a good old travel slideshow to instantly take me back to that exciting fun travel moment.

It is why I love photography it just captures that moment, look, smile, happiness, activity and colour all in one go! Even before the digital days I was the teen who would take her rolls of film to Jessops to get developed hoping what I snapped turned out okay on the film – sometimes they did and sometimes they didn’t (kinda like life huh?). I’m very glad we have digital cameras to ease capturing those ‘quick and you’ll miss it’ moments but I do miss the waiting for what I had captured.

I had fun making this vid and recollecting all the fun I’ve had with my friend Mo and places and cultures I have explored. I look forward to creating many more adventurous memories. Have a watch of the video and share in the comments below one of your travel memories.


Happy collecting of more memories!


The 5 to 9 Traveller xx

15 thoughts on “Evoking Memories through Travel Photos

    1. Same! I’m sure others may find it annoying. I remember someone asking on a tour why do you take so many photos and I said for my own personal enjoyment as I like looking back over them. Thank you for reading and watching Melissa appreciate it.


    1. Your travel Photos can also make great souvenirs too. I remember when I went to Colombia and my friend had her camera stolen and I felt so sorry for her so I made a collage of all the photos I had taken and framed it for her; she was so delighted! Thank you for reading and watching Kattrina.

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  1. This is beautiful! I’m so sorry you didn’t get to win, but I’m sure that all you got a runner up will work on future hikes.

    I love and embrace travelers who show how passionate they are on what they’re doing. Your video showed you are one of those!

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