2016: Travels in Review

This year has truly been an awesome year of travels, urban wanders and cultural treats.  I have wandered and explored endlessly and had lots of great moments.  The highlight of my year has most definitely been Brazil and the Olympics – that will be a lifetime memory!

I will have lots of other memories from this year – friendships deepened, life reflections, friendships gained, characters met along the way and little interactions that just cause me to burst into absolute laughter!

Here is a whizz through my visuals of my year of travels…it was extremely hard to pick just one to summarise a place so some may have two or three. Enjoy!

UK based travels

Ascot – This is definitely a place I need to come back to visit again so as to experience happier times here.  I took this wandering the grounds I was staying at and feeling kinda glum but yet this scene gave me some peace.


West Kirby and The Wirral Pennisula –what I like to call the North West’s little secret.  I took myself up here for a retreat away from everything, everyone for a time of solitude and reflection.  It really is amazing how nature can cheer the soul.  There will be a future blog post about this unknown place…for now just enjoy in the pics



Ilkey, Yorkshire – I was here for a hen do weekend (bacherlorette party for those who understand the American terms better).  It was a beautiful little village where we got up to lots of chocolate fun (see post)

Rooftop views of Yorkshire

River Coquet and Brinkburn Priory, Northumberland – what a beautiful time was spent here both personally and for the views and wanders along the river.

Brinkburn Priory
Walking along River Coquet

Birmingham – I’m never far from this place given my university is based here.  I got to see a little bit more of it this year as I dragged myself away from the library.  The city centre has some gorgeous Georgian architecture.


Oxford – I’m not sure there will ever be a year that I am not visiting here; it is my home away from home! I went for a walk through Magdalen Wood with my cousin.


Bath – my first time visiting this gorgeous city but certainly not my last, especially since I got to visit the Jane Austen centre!

View of Bath city from Alexandra Park
Bath Abbey

Adventures abroad

Dublin, Ireland – a business trip took me here but I got to sneak in a walk along the canal before the rain forced me back to my hotel.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – so much done and seen in this city!

Salvador, Brazil – this Afro-Brazilian city was awash with art, culture and music


Ilha Grande, Brazil – an island of jungle treks and gorgeous beaches



Paraty, Brazil – this was a colonial beauty of relaxation and food!



Foz de Iguazu, Brazil – a world wonder


Cataratas del Iguazú, Argentina – nipped over the border to compare views (see post)


Prague, Czech Republic – for a cheeky frosty Christmas getaway before the year ended

St Charles Bridge and the River Vltava
Beautiful streets of Prague

and of course my many wonderful wanderings in London which you can peruse on my Instagram account.

I hope 2017 will be filled with a lot more adventures.

Happy New Year!!!


Love the 5 to 9 Traveller xx

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